Privacy Policy
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  1. General
    Anonymouse exists to protect your privacy. The people at Anonymouse are committed to protect your privacy. No information on the legal use of this service by any user is sold, forwarded, traded, or intentionally released in any way.
  2. Logfiles
    Anonymouse does not keep records of site accesses. Usage logs will only be created during technical problems and are immediately destroyed after the technical problem is solved.
  3. E-mails
    E-mail addresses, names and other information of people who contact Anonymouse will be removed after our reply. We will not use this information for anything else than the reply.
  4. Advertising
    Anonymouse works with third parties who provide banners for this site. To find out more about how these third parties manage their privacy policy with regard to the use of banners, please visit their websites.
Last Update: December 1st 2002


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